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No jewelry except for stud earrings permitted.
Hair must be pulled up off the face and neck in a secured rubber band. 
Dance shoes are required. 


Leotard any color

Pink Tights (no pantyhose)

Pink Ballet Shoes

*Company Dancers must wear Black Leotard, any style
Pink Tights (no pantyhose)
Hair is required to be in a bun secured by hairpins


All classes – loose gym shorts or sweat pants (No jeans) and tee shirt ( not to baggy) - Appropriate dance shoes for the class
Ballet class – loose gym shorts preferably above the knee cap and white tee shirt or tank top – black ballet shoes

Dance attire is required for all dance classes.  This enables the teacher to properly observe the student’s body movements for correct form and technique.  To “look” like a dancer, encourages one to “BE” a dancer.

​​Bella Dance Company