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2018-2019 Company Team Handbook

2018-2019 Competition Audition:

4011 Old Hwy 94 S. Ste 108 Saint Peters, MO 63304

(636) 577-1427


*Saturday June 9th*

9:30-10:30am Ages 8 & under
**May be asked to stay and dance in next age group**

10:30-12:00pm Ages 9-12
**May be asked to stay and dance in next age group**

12:00-1:30pm Ages 13 and up

PLEASE NOTE: your age is dependent on your age as of January 1, 2019.

Come to the audition wearing pink tights, black leotard, ballet shoes and hair pulled off your face. You may bring jazz clothes to change into for the jazz and tap portion of the audition.

Fill out the Audition Form, Code Of Ethics, Procedures and Policies, and Competition Team Contract and bring to the audition along with the $20.00 audition fee and a 5 X 7 black & white photo. * Photos will not be returned.

Forms and fee are required for private auditions.

When you arrive, check in at the front desk. You will be given your audition number and information on where to go. Parents are NOT allowed in rooms while children are auditioning.

Competition Costs:

Competition Fee - $75.00 per student (Rehearsals all year long, teachers time for purchasing music, cutting music, cd’s, props, printing costs, travel expenses for teachers and choreographers, expenses for bringing props, administrative costs, etc.)

A $25.00 fee for each competition, convention, and nationals (administrative costs, travel/lodging expenses for
teachers, meal expenses, hauling props expenses, teacher
pay, etc.)

In house choreography - $100 per small group $50 per large group

$40 per line

Private Lessons - $30 per half hour for technique, solos, duets, and trios.

*Payment must be received in cash directly to the instructor before the lesson begins*

Students must audition for a solo, duet, or trio. Audition form must be filled out before auditioning.

*Account balances must be current or private lessons will not be given. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or you will be charged except for an emergency. All scheduling for private lessons must be made with the

individual teacher. Priority will be given to BDC classes for room/teacher availability.

In house solo, duet, and trio choreography- $200 per person for solo (payable to teacher) $125 per person for duet/trio (payable to teacher)


The choreography schedule will be posted when group routines are announced. Regular BDC class will start Tuesday September 5, 2017.

Company Team Requirements:

*Company team members will attend 3-4 regional competitions.
*Company team members will attend 1-2 local convention.
*Company team members will attend 1 national competition.
*Company team members will attend the BDC Summer Intensive.
The Summer Intensive is mandatory for all company team members.
*Rehearsals for company numbers will be during the week. The schedule will be posted once

groups are formed and before fall classes begin.
*BDC company team members level II and up are required to attend a minimum of 2 ballet

classes, 1 jazz class, 1 Jumps & Turns class, 1 Stretch Class and 1 tap technique class (if competing in a competition tap routine) in addition to competition routine rehearsals. All missed technique must be made up.

*BDC company team members level I are required to attend a minimum of 1 ballet class, 1 jazz class, 1 Jumps & Turns class, 1 Stretch class and 1 tap technique class (if competing in a competition tap routine) in addition to competition routine rehearsals. All missed technique must be made up.

*Once groups are formed, no changes will be made except for replacements.

Costumes will range from approximately $100-$250 per routine. Additional costs will include tights, shoes, rhinestones, and accessories.


All company team members are required to purchase company makeup to be discussed at a later date.

Team Jacket:

All BDC Company team members are required to purchase a competition team jacket. BDC Company bags and other apparel will be available for purchase but are not required.

Dress Code:

Pink tights, black leotard, ballet shoes, hair secured off of face.

Attire that is easy to move in. Tap shoes required.

NO baggy attire. Must be able to see knees. Jazz shoes required. Hair pulled off of face.

BDC Company Rehearsals-
Dancers can wear any dance attire they desire


Attendance is very important. By joining the BDC Company, you have made a commitment not only to yourself, but to the rest of the BDC Family. ALL DANCERS MUST ATTEND ALL COMPETITION REHEARSALS TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO ANY COMPETITON OR THEY MAY BE BENCHED FOR THAT COMPETITION AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TEACHER. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis. If you are absent for any technique class or rehearsal due to illness, please notify the studio to save us worry. If excessive absenteeism occurs, a dancer will be removed from the group. The teacher’s decision in the matter is final.

Bella Dance Company wants students to participate in outside events and encourages participation in school related activities. Students are excused for other events but need to keep their commitment to the team. Juggling multiple activities is not easy but it is doable. Please notify BDC as soon as you know of required events that conflict with BDC commitments.


Competitions and conventions will be announced as soon as the 2018-2019 dates are posted.

Approximate Convention/Competition Costs:

-One group routine = $45.00 (multiple by the number of routines your child is in) -Duet/trio = $65.00 per student
-Solo = $110.00
-Convention = $250.00

Company Dress Rehearsal:

There will be a mandatory BDC Company dress rehearsal with full costume and makeup. The date will be announced once competitions and conventions are chosen.

The Company Sleepover:

The BDC Company Member Sleepover is Friday August 10, 2018!!! Bring your
sleeping bag, pillow, pjs, games, and food. We are going to have an BDC good time! Drop off is

at 6:30 pm on Friday, August 10th and pick is at up at 8:30 am Saturday, August 11th. Sign up at front desk.

Company Parent Meeting:

We will hold a company parent meeting on Wednesday August 8, 2018 from 6:30-7:30 pm. Please send at least one representative from each family. Items to be discussed include; competitions, nationals, fundraising, requirements, and any questions brought to the attention of the teachers.


If anyone would like to create a parent booster club to make a continual effort to provide opportunities to those interested in raising money for the high costs of competitive dancing please let Christi at the front desk know prior to our Company Parent meeting so we can discuss this as well.

*Fundraising suggestions are always welcome.

Financial Commitment:

Should at any point in the competition team season, a family decide to break their commitment to BDC and the competition team, they will be responsible for all costs incurred to date. This includes but is not limited to tuition expense, costume expense, choreography expense, competition/convention expense, make-up expense, private lesson expense, and team apparel expense. By making a commitment to the BDC Company team you are making a commitment to all parties involved i.e. your family, other dancers, and the studio. It is not fair to other team members to have extra expenses and added responsibilities of changing routines because someone quit the team. The Bella Dance Company Team is a financial commitment that we want everyone to understand before joining the team.

Normal tuition rates are due the first of each month in addition to competition costs.

There will be a $15.00 late fee added after the assigned due date for all required payments.

I have received and read a copy of this BDC Company Team Policies and Procedures Statement, and understand all of its terms and agree to be bound by the provisions contained therein.

Parent/Guardian Name __________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name __________________________________

Student Name __________________________________

Student Name __________________________________

Student Name __________________________________

Signature Date__________________________________

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2018-2019 Bella Dance Company Code Of Ethics Policy

All registrants, families, and instructors of Bella Dance Company, LLC agree to abide by a code of ethics which guides dance teachers, students, employees, and families to remain true to the best interests of Bella Dance Company. This includes providing the best education and experience necessary to enhance students' instruction; behaving in a positive and constructive manner at all times; and utilizing truth, fairness, and integrity in the development of professional decisions, relationships, and instruction.

Bella Dance Company maintains certain policies to guide its patrons and employees with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could damage the company's reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the company, employees, and/or patrons involved. Employees' and patrons' actions under this policy are significant indications of the individual's judgment and competence. Accordingly, those actions constitute an important element in the success of Bella Dance Company. Insensitivity to or disregard for the principles of this policy will be grounds for appropriate management disciplinary action.

All Bella Dance Company employees and patrons are expected to be respectful of others at all times. Behavior that may be harmful to Bella Dance Company patrons or employees (i.e. physical or verbal abuse, assault, and/ or threats) will be grounds for dismissal.

Please follow the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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